Jdar office for advanced architecture was established in 2008, as an origin center reflecting Egypt and Arab world’s culture into advanced architecture and construction processes



JDAR always seeks to find the best architectural and construction services solutions, while elaborating it with a never ending over-the-edge innovation. At Jdar, we believe that the synergy of architectural solution and great innovation is the key.
We are seeking to reach the uniqueness that reflects Egyptian and Arab cultures in advanced architecture and construction processes, considering our customer to be our partner and our project as part of us, while understanding very well our social responsibility


With no limit of creativity and innovation we are aiming to become Egypt and Arab World’s first choice providing architecture, construction and project management services
that exceed clients’ expectations.


We are committed to the belief that quality of Architecture is an essential part of the economic and cultural fabric of society, in which the best architectural approach plays a central role.
The size and experience of our organization enables us to be directly involved as lead designers and project managers throughout the design and construction process.

the best of professionals